From: Dan Peate
To: You, dear reader

I began my career in big, corporate America, where we were trained to play it safe. Original or innovative ideas were often ignored or even discouraged. So, I began investing my big-corp bonuses into awesome startups, where innovation was the driving force for everything. Out of those experiences, Peate ventures was born.

After being involved in a few of my own startups now, I understand that starting something new can be terrifying and exciting all at once. The struggles and the victories are a daily routine for startup founders. When we find true innovators like you, our goal is to be an amazing partner and extend our shared experiences to you.

We were entrepreneurs who had to work miracles with little to no resources, so we understand what it feels like and what it takes. We have been there and now we would like to be there along side you. We will hunker down with you to solve difficult problems as well as celebrate the victories. We don’t want to run your business, but we do want to help you turn obstacles into opportunities. Sometimes two heads are better than one, and money can help to solve problems.

We believe you have two choices: You can either play it safe or you can change the world.

Dan Peate, Founder & Managing Director